lulu-logo.pngLulu You can the paper quality, you want color or black and white printing, the type of binding and the size of the book. You can also market your book on sites such as

050609tikatok1.jpgTikatok With Accounts…to write, illustrate and publish books…only pay if you print…digital versions are free.(Barnes and Noble)

kerpoof.jpgKerpoof http://www.kerpoof./teach?c=overview You can set up teacher accounts and register your class with usernames and passwords. Kerpoof has writing and drawing tools -- older kids can make movies. Kerpoof has collaborative tools so kids can work together, This online flipping book software allows you to convert PDF documents onto a Flash page flip digital publication. It is ideal solution for those who wish to embed a book, magazine, catalog, newpaper, portfolio or any other kind of document into a web site or blog.

epubbud.pngEPud Bud This site has it all. You can upload a document and convert it into an e-book or create the book right on the site. What makes this site different is that the final product is in ePUB file format. ePUBs are the universal ebook format that can be read by the Apple iOS iBooks app and other kinds of ebook readers.